Inside Athena: Lead C.N.A. at Highview of Northampton Showing Appreciation to Her Team

Inside Athena: Lead C.N.A. at Highview of Northampton Showing Appreciation to Her Team

LEEDS, M.A. — Yolanda Tosado is often exposed to different perspectives from the residents she cares for at Highview of Northampton.

The center serves a wide range of residents from those needing short-term rehab to people managing substance use disorders to folks needing long-term care, and that’s what she likes about being a lead C.N.A.

“We all try our best to make sure that the residents are comfortable as best as we can. We try our best to make them feel like this is their home because it is their home for a little bit even if they go back home,” she said. “I like Highview because it’s different. Other nursing homes are mostly older folks, Highview has all kinds.”

She joined in 2018 and was promoted to a lead role in 2022. She makes sure the C.N.A.s assigned to her shift are completing the assigned tasks properly and that they are confident with their tasks and abilities.

Another reason she enjoys the work she does is because she’s surrounded by co-workers who have become friends. As she considers them friends, she wants them to know how appreciated they are for the work they do each day.

“I tell them they did a good job, ‘thank you for coming in,’ make sure they feel comfortable,” Tosado said.

Nursing can be hectic at times, she explains, but she loves to care for people.

Director of Nursing Anne Nadeau said Tosado is a “great asset to the team.”

“Yolanda knows all the residents from their likes to dislikes and keeps the units running smoothly,” Nadeau said.

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April 11, 2024 A Healthier Approach To Caring, Inside Athena