Staying Positive During Difficult Times

Staying Positive During Difficult Times

Over the past few months, many of the Athena care centers have been working hard to raise spirits and positivity within their buildings. Not only have the staff been working tirelessly to provide exceptional health care, they have also been coming up with creative activities and fun events for their residents. The past few months have been scary and exhausting for everyone, but celebrating the holidays and maintaining some degree of normalcy through activities has been beneficial to the facilities. COVID has not stopped the staff from hosting fun events and celebrations for the residents to enjoy. Below are just a few of the activities and celebrations that have occurred at various care centers over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not a single holiday was lost to the residents!

Lanessa Extended Care held a ballpark themed day in late April, which included themed snacks, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, chips, snow cones, and popcorn. The staff wore baseball jerseys to enhance the celebration.

The Commons of Newtown hosted a Cinco de Mayo celebration full of music, sombreros, and snacks, such as quesadillas, nachos, homemade churros, and margaritas. The residents were able to celebrate the day without leaving the building.

Bayview Health Care held a 1950s themed day, full of root beer floats, and musical malt shop favorites. The staff who were able to dressed and accessorized in accordance with the theme of the day.

At The Tremont Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center, patients and residents’ families and loved ones paraded around the building holding balloons and colorful signs. The residents and patients were able to wave and smile at the loved ones they had not seen in awhile.

Shady Knoll Health Center’s staff honored many of their residents on Mother’s Day by delivering roses to every mother in the building. Since they had to spend the holiday away from their kids, the roses were a small but thoughtful gesture to ensure they still felt special.

At Sharon Health Center, the staff helped the residents hand make greeting cards. The residents were able to express their creativity while crafting personalized messages.

Laurel Ridge Health Care Center’s staff assisted the residents to film video messages that were sent to the residents’ families and loved ones. Not only did this brighten the residents’ day, but it also made the families happy to see that their loved ones were thinking about them.

At Countryside Manor of Bristol, the staff decorated a cart with balloons and bright colors, which was then used to deliver pudding to the residents. The bright colors helped celebrate the spring season inside the building.

Heatherwood Rehabilitation and Health Care Center’s staff decorated a cart with red, white, and blue. This cart was used to deliver American flags to the residents and patients to celebrate Memorial Day. The residents and patients were able to pose with the flags for pictures that were uploaded to Facebook.

These are just a few examples of the events and activities happening at the care centers. Many other facilities are hosting activities similar to these. Morale boosters and little celebrations can have a significant impact on everyone’s mood for the day. Although it can be difficult to stay positive during uncertain times, Athena’s care centers have been doing a great job. They have also been making sure to celebrate the residents recovering from COVID-19 with posters and balloons. They have held countless “graduation ceremonies” as residents recover from the virus. The care centers’ staff truly have been health care heroes over the past few months!

Heatherwood Rehabilitation and Health Care Center’s patriotic Memorial Day cart.

Snacks from Lanessa Extended Care’s ballpark themed day.

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