Marlborough Hills Administrator Teaches Basic Core Principles to Her Staff

Marlborough Hills Administrator Teaches Basic Core Principles to Her Staff

March 13th – March 17th recognizes Long-Term Care Administrators Week. At Athena Health Care Systems, we thank our administrators for their hard work and dedication in delivering high-quality care and customer service to our residents, families and staff through the use of our best practices. Meet some of the administrators in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island as we highlight them throughout the week and the work they do day in and day out. Thank you for your dedication. 

MARLBOROUGH, M.A. — Miatta Edi-Osagie has been the Administrator at Marlborough Hills Rehabilitation & Health Care Center since December 2021. On top of being a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Edi-Osagie is also a certified minister.

Administrator Miatta Edi-Osagie alongside Marlborough Hills Dining Director Glenn Comeau.

In practicing her ministry, it brings a different perspective to her leadership as she applies the core lessons of respect, value, and compassion to her staff, residents, and their families.

“I’m so fortunate to be working with a company that embraces all the physical, mental, and social needs, but also spiritual support. It truly is a holistic approach in caring for the individual and the staff,” said Edi-Osagie. “You can see the difference in their life, they start looking at it differently instead of their normal coping mechanisms.”

Edi-Osagie makes sure spiritual activities are available to the residents at Marlborough Hills if they want to participate. During a person’s recovery journey, the spiritual aspect is very important even for those who may not have had a history of spirituality before, she explains.

She has been working as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in Massachusetts for 10 years. She was first introduced to the long-term care industry during her time on maternity leave when she began volunteering with the Long-Term Care Ombudsman office in the state.

“That was my first introduction to nursing homes and the patients. I fell in love with the population, and it all became a passion of mine,” she said. “It’s critical to have passion not just for the role, but for the individuals as it is their life you impact. You need to have compassion for the individuals you are in charge of.”

Administrator Miatta Edi-Osagie recognizing two 20-year C.N.A.s.

She said she puts herself in the shoes of families and friends as they go through the decision process to place their loved one in a long-term care setting. Edi-Osagie explains that, if there is no sympathy or compassion, you won’t be available to provide support for the families and residents when they need it the most. A decision to place a loved one in long-term care is overwhelming and a lot of families experience guilt surrounding the decision, she said, but at the end of the day, they know they are also making the right decision. Providing support and being the listening ear for that decision marker is critical to her.

Edi-Osagie also ensures she has the same open communication with her staff. She explains, “What pains them, pains me and what makes them happy makes me happy.” She said she values and respects her staff, and she expects the same in return for how they treat her, their colleagues, and care for the residents.

“We are also very fortunate to have the owner of the company walk through the building,” Edi-Osagie said. “He talks with the residents and staff and knows what’s going on. He is leading by example, and I am doing the same.”

Edi-Osagie references Larry Santilli, President, and C.E.O. of Athena Health Care Systems, which manages Marlborough Hills. Santilli frequents the Marlborough rehab center to take part in activities with the residents and check in with staff.

As much as the residents are a diverse group of individuals, the staff is as well.

“The leadership of any organization, specifically in a nursing home, you create a culture in the building. When staff feel valued, they bring that to their work. The staff are culturally diverse but what’s at the core and heart is human nature, and everyone wants to feel valued,” Edi-Osagie said.

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