Assisted Living Vs. Nursing Home

Assisted Living Vs. Nursing Home

Many people believe that assisted living and nursing home are synonymous, offering the same lifestyle to their residents. However, assisted livings and nursing homes are two very different types of senior care. Although both are staffed with trained medical professionals, they provide different services and opportunities.

Assisted living facilities offer a lifestyle for senior citizens who are still independent but require assistance in their daily life. Assisted livings give residents the opportunity to remain social and active in a congregate community.  Many assisted living facilities host events and activities for their residents, in addition to trips to stores, museums, and theaters. The staff at the assisted living will help the residents with tasks such as housekeeping, laundry, transportation, medication management, bathing, in addition to others. Assisted living is an ideal option for individuals who need some nursing care but do not need medical attention around the clock. Many people are who move into assisted living facilities are healthy when they move in. They may also be interested in having access to transportation, new friends, or social activities. Residents in assisted living may enjoy going out for the day, but need assistance getting dressed in the morning. Assisted livings provide some medical care and dietary management alongside community activities.

Nursing homes, in contrast, offer a lifestyle with around the clock medical care. Most nursing home residents are unable to live independently. They may be wheelchair-bound or suffering from debilitating conditions that leave them unable to care for themselves. Nursing homes provide residents with assistance with laundry, housekeeping, and daily activities, in addition to a variety of rehabilitation services and prescription administration. Many residents at nursing homes have chronic or progressive conditions that may leave them unable to feed themselves. Other individuals may reside in a nursing home after an injury, as they will benefit from the rehabilitation services. Nursing homes provide care 24 hours per day to individuals with severe medical conditions.

An individual’s decision to move to an assisted living or nursing home may be much more complex, depending on the assessment of their personal needs. The best way to know if an assisted living or nursing home is best for you or your loved one is by talking to your health care professionals or by contacting the facility you’re interested in.

June 23, 2020 A Healthier Approach To Caring