“I’m Only Going to Wadsworth Glen or I’m Not Going”

“I’m Only Going to Wadsworth Glen or I’m Not Going”

MIDDLETOWN, C.T. — Sharon G. is no stranger to Wadsworth Glen Health Care and Rehabilitation Center in Middletown, Connecticut. When a medical event requires her to go to a short-term rehab center for recovery, her reply always is, “I’m only going to Wadsworth Glen or I’m not going!”

Sharon alongside Therapist Jessica F.

She first arrived at Wadsworth Glen in December of 2022 following a leg injury, received the necessary rehabilitation, and safely discharged back home the day before Christmas Eve. She was back to resuming her busy and social life when five months later she had the same leg injury happen but to her other leg and went back to Wadsworth in April of 2023.

“It was Wadsworth again or no rehab at all,” Sharon said. “Everyone is really nice here.”

Sharon spent Easter at the rehabilitation center during that April as she recalls the Easter Egg Hunt the center hosted that year and the fond memories that were created as her grandchildren participated in the hunt and had a lot of fun. Later that month, Sharon safely discharged back home and was back to resuming her social life of card game tournaments, shopping, and spending time with family.

It wasn’t until recently in February of 2024 that another medical event presented itself and she found herself in a conversation with her doctor and the team at the hospital discussing short-term rehab.

“Unless I can go to Wadsworth, I’m not going,” she recalls what she repeated to her care team. “It is familiar here. It feels like home, and I feel safe here. There are a lot of dedicated staff here and you know how I know they are dedicated because they are still here. The staff are very attentive.”

Sharon credits the entire team at Wadsworth Glen who have helped and supported her in her latest recovery at the center. Specifically, Sharon mentions Fruita Kindeya, a Certified Nurse Assistant, who is always attentive to her needs and willing to go the extra mile to do whatever it takes to make her comfortable.

Sharon spent 42 years as an elementary school teacher in Middletown schools. She is very fortunate to see some of her students grow, and who are now working at Wadsworth Glen. She remarks how proud she is of them to see how they’ve grown into professional, caring adults.

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